The Process

Appliance Repair

The Process

​From the beginning we recognize that having an appliance breakdown is a very inconvient problem to deal with. Our friendly staff well make sure that they get all the information about why your appliance is  not working propely .Next we will schedule you an appointment usally within 24 to 48 depending on availibilty. Third we will come to the home inspect the appliance for damage and try and recreate the failure. Once the fault is found one of our knowledgeable technicians will  inform you of what part is needed for the repair and a 65.00 service fee is collected. Next we will order the part but you will be responsible for the part cost. The labor is covered in the service fee . Finally we will 

​​​​come out and repair your 

​appliance test for normal 

​operation and collect any 

​parts cost. That’s it!

We get ​you back to loving your  ​appliance!